CTP 001 ControlTrends People Nino DiCosmo

ControlTrends People is a new PodCast series that focuses on the life stories of the people in our industry that make it great. As we strive as an industry toNino reach full recognition and parity, we deeply believe that if we capture and share the persona of the great leaders and visionaries of our industry, we will continue to build a compelling image that will draw more young talent needed to sustain our industry.

ControlTrends People presents inspiring and motivational stories that open our eyes to the many paths taken to the prominent positions in our industry. Many accounts offer endearing insights and self-told anecdotes about the triumphs and setbacks that molded their careers and shaped ControlTrends People throughout their professional journeys.

We chose Nino DiCosmo, as our first Podcast because of his genuine passion and leadership — and for the enormous success he has brought to Tridium, the leading industry framework in Smart Buildings. Here’s Nino DiCosmo up-close and personal.