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ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 205

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Nov 13, 2016 features an interview with Therese Sullivan of BuildingContext.Me, our eyes and ears covering Silicon Valley and the possibility of buying back your data from your cloud services provider. Much more to follow: EasyIO Europe training dates; Yardi Matrix 2016 Review and 2017 Forecast Webinar; CoRE Tech 2016 Review; Flame Safeguard Parable from CGNA Distributors; Honeywell N4 Certification Discount; Sophos’ James Lyne How to Hack CCTV Cameras; and ControlTalk Rewind with Ken Sinclair, “The Times They are A Changin’.”

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 204

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Nov 6, 2016 begins with a review of Ken Sinclair’s November edition of Automated Buildings followed by: Functional Devices Tech Tuesday with Henry Smith; Next Generation Innovation Episode 2 features Comfy’s Lindsay Baker; Gas Pressure Regulator’s 101 with Matt Koenig; Honeywell’s Release of WEBs-N4.2 with Spyder and Stryker Tools; Siemens OpenAir Damper Actuators; Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir Wireless Gateway; Call for speakers and sponsors for the Haystack Connect 2017; Optergy, one CIO’s most promising energy management solution providers; EasyIO’s Mike Marston’s TCOM Video; and the 2 latest BAM podcasts from Phil Zito.

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 203

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for week ending Oct 30, 2016 features interviews with three industry experts: Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings; Josh Bradshaw, Silicon Valley’s tech-tracking guru; and Fearless Phil Zito, author and editor of Building Automation Monthly. Take a look at OPTERGY’s Aurora and Proton solutions — Building Management has become a whole lot easier; Belimo’s up-coming webinar on their smart butterfly valve technology; John Sublett, Tridium’s CTO, interviews ControlTrends; and Mike Marston reviews EasyIO’s Sedona based FG-32+ architecture. Please note, the nomination period for the 2016 ControlTrends Awards is well underway! This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite products, solutions, vendors, technical support people and executives.

Episode 002: Next Generation Innovation Featuring Lindsay Baker

In episode 2 of Next Generation Innovation, young guns Rob Allen and Brad White catch up with Lindsay Baker from Comfy. Topics include: How Comfy is redefining how Smart Buildings use social media and a unique version of crowd sourcing to make buildings more energy efficient, how women are able to make smart buildings even smarter, and what it’s like to be a venture capitalist funded company. Great interview and very insightful take aways.

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 202

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Oct 23, 2016 starts with the release of the 2016 ControlTrends Awards Nomination Ballot! This is your opportunity to ensure your organization’s champions and the great people, products, and solutions in our industry are recognized. Two new categories have been added to the awards: ControlTrends Women of the Year and ControlTrends Most Impactful Video of the Year. Also this week: Video from the Geek Group; AHR EXPO Innovation Award Announcement; CANDI announces its PowerTools software has been integrated with the Intel® Building Management Platform (Intel® BMP); $6.5 Million DOE Funding Opportunity; Next Generation Innovation Episode 001 released; Contemporary Controls at Plugfest 2016; EasyIO’s Mike Marston Demos FW-14; and CBERD: U.S. and India PACE Update.

Next Generation Innovation Episode 001

Next Generation Innovation is all about Smart Buildings and Smart People from The Young Guns Perspective.

Rob Allen from Stromquist and Company along with his rotating co-hosts Josh Felperin, Jason Houck and Brad White invite guests to discuss HVAC, Lighting, Security and Smart Building Controls and their perspective of how it all fits and works together.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, contractor, distributor or end user there will definitely be something you’ll enjoy on the Next Generation Innovation podcast.

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 201

You are probably wondering what happen to episode 200 of ControlTalk Now the Smart Buildings Podcast? We celebrated Episode 200 at the Johnson Controls Conference in Nashville. Episode 200 was shot live and features lots of video and movement so the sound quality is not good. Here is a link to the video, which is definitely worth checking out.

In episode 201 of ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Oct 16, 2016 we feature highlights and interviews from three major industry events: Johnson Controls’ CBC16 in Nashville; KMC’s Genius Summit in Chicago; and Siemens’ National CPS Business Sales Meeting, also in Chicago. The Race to the Small Space continues as these three Vendors renew their focus on the Small to Midsize Building Markets with a host of feature-rich products. Haystack Connect 2017 update; Upcoming ACI Interface Device Webinar; Sierra Monitoring Corporation’s BACnet Survival Kit, Special Limited Offer; and don’t miss Phil Zito’s review of ControlTalk NOW’s 200 episode.

Episode 30 Building Automation Monthly with Phil Zito

In this episode, the very knowledgable Phil Zico, talks us through sequence of operation and gives us his 7 step process for making sure you get this critical process right. Get more Phil at Building Automation Monthly.

CPT 005 ControlTrends People Explores the Life of Ed Merwin


screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-31-48-pmOn episode 5 of ControlTrends People we take a deep dive into the life and times of one of the greats in our industry, Ed Merwin. Ed, the Director, Vykon Automation Energy Security at Tridium is credited by many, including us, as being one of the reasons Tridum and open platforms exist today. Ed , one of the  great communicators in our industry shares his early history including how he got into the business. Like all great people, Ed has had many mentors through his life. Ed shares the lessons he learned from these mentors, and the one thing he does before every presentation, that he believes makes the difference. If you have ever seen Ed din action, you know ne is the master of presentations. Success is not an accident,  and like all masters, Ed, has a very methodical approach, strong values, and other habits that set him apart. Thanks to Ed, for opening up and sharing the key things he has   learned over his incredible career.

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 199

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Sep 25, 2016 features Intelligent Buildings’ Director of Cyber Security, Fred Gordy, who details the exposure and vulnerability of Operational Technology, which run our buildings. Watch as Fred reviews, step by step — the hacker’s modus operandi. Sameer Pradhan, Director of ControlTrends India, updates the ControlTrends Community on India’s colossal Smart City imitative; Schneider Electric releases their new MG350 Smart Actuators with alarming features; Contemporary Controls’ newest network solution offers greater speed and diagnostics; Larry Andriunas takes the helm at Kodaro, LLC; and this week’s ControlTalk Rewind takes us back to the future with Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic and artificial intelligence.

Click here to read more show notes and see the ControlTalk Now Smart Buildings Video Cast.