Next Generation Innovation

Episod​​e 008 Next Generation Innovation

Recorded from a beach in Ixtapa, Mexico; Aaron introduces his wife, Charlotte … Covering Company Culture and sharing a couple of key lessons for Young Guns.  Also communicating some reflection lessons that are valuable to Young Guns as well as expecting our first-Education-Centred episode with Conestoga College in Cambridge, ON for a future episode.

NGI announces a new co-host: fellow Young Gun; Brent Burrows from Entek.  He started his first podcast with Eric on the ControlTalkNOW this week; we look forward to getting Brent rocking!

Finally, Aaron’s first-ever-recording of Next Generation Innovation (and first-ever podcast) … It’s an off-the-cuff,  Thank You to all the key industry people that have been a part of building the ANT Colony over the past three years (since 2015) … Pay close attention; many of you are likely to hear your names  : )    This one is a little embarrassing, but you can see where we were headed … Adam Gorka is featured on background guitar.

As the final Episode pre-new-co-host … This is a great closure to a brief solo chapter in Next Generation Innovation.

Episode 007 Next Generation Innovation: HVAC and Smart Buildings Perspectives From Young Leaders

In this episode, your host Aaron Gorka, interviews two of the smartest young kids in HVAC and Building controls and services. This weeks guests are First-up we have Bart James, Interim President & CEO @ ACCA, and Greg Brooks @ Brooks Landscaping / Check it out and tell and HVAC friend to check it out too.

Epiosde 005 Next Generation Innovation: Let’s Talk HVAC Software Hacks Young Gun Style

On this podcast, I talk HVAC software and controls with the great young minds ( young guns) in the HVAC Industry.

Ok, I know what you industry veterans are probably thinking, why should I listen to a bunch of youngsters? What could they possibly teach me? Maybe nothing… but face it, like it or not , we are here to stay, and you are lucky we have chosen the HVAC profession.

If you are paying attention you know that finding good, young talent is hard. Between the labor shortage and the millennialswho think HVAC is a four letter word and Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Weekis anunalienableright not a concept, it is a wonder we have so many hard working, young professionals at all. So listen up, take notes and learn how YOUNG GUNS ROLL.

Episode 004 Next Generation Innovation: Teamwork improves results

Episode 4 brings Teamwork and Performance to-the-table, for the Smart Buildings and HVAC community. We use a couple good metaphors in Sports and Music for each. 

First-up is (recently Young Gun inducted) Brent Burrows and Chad Erwin from ENTEK. I performed Project Tracker Training with them and was fortunate to witness their exceptional Teamwork; we explore how they’ve become such a good Team and offer suggestions for you!

Next is my Brother, Adam Gorka and Myself! We had just finished our very-first-recording of NGI (including our rocking intro’s and a Thank You episode that’ll come-out later) and I wanted to hammer into something a little different. Among other things, we connect Musical performances with performance on a Job Site. We bounce-around-a-bit, but I think you’ll enjoy this interview; many more to come : )

Episode 003 Next Generation Innovation: Future Proof Your Business

Episode 3: Next Generation Innovation

Ant Technologies’ Aaron Gorka takes over as the host of The Next Generation Innovation Podcast. Through interviews and conversations with the smart building and HVAC young guns ( younger superstars) in our industry, Aaron will get unique perspectives and insights from these emerging leaders.

And what better place to start than the Emerging Leaders conference at the 2018 Hardi meeting.

Join Aaron as he welcomes Nick Benton, Jake Charleston, Jose Reyes, and Raul Ruiz.

Episode 002: Next Generation Innovation Featuring Lindsay Baker

In episode 2 of Next Generation Innovation, young guns Rob Allen and Brad White catch up with Lindsay Baker from Comfy. Topics include: How Comfy is redefining how Smart Buildings use social media and a unique version of crowd sourcing to make buildings more energy efficient, how women are able to make smart buildings even smarter, and what it’s like to be a venture capitalist funded company. Great interview and very insightful take aways.

Next Generation Innovation Episode 001

Next Generation Innovation is all about Smart Buildings and Smart People from The Young Guns Perspective.

Rob Allen from Stromquist and Company along with his rotating co-hosts Josh Felperin, Jason Houck and Brad White invite guests to discuss HVAC, Lighting, Security and Smart Building Controls and their perspective of how it all fits and works together.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, contractor, distributor or end user there will definitely be something you’ll enjoy on the Next Generation Innovation podcast.