ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 311

With your co host and mine, the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Kenny Smyers away on a special assignment, I am left to my own devices and will do the best I can to give you HVAC and Smart Building Control News You can use.On Episode 311 of Controltalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Video Cast and Podcast we take a deep look at what Siemens is doing with their Smart Building Controls Product Portfolio. In addition to tweaking their already formidable Talon line of DDC controls, Siemens is rounding out their Smart Building Controls offering with lighting controls, analytics, and other key acquisitions that will allow their customer’s seamless synergies and better building experience. To help us understand all these changes we talk with Siemens Sr. Sales Manager, Josh Felperin. Josh is a friend of the show and a great guest. I think you are going to be impressed with what he has to say. Our next guest is Bill Spohn. Bill is the President and CEO of TRuTech Tools and the host of the Building HVAC Science and RESTalk Podcasts. As you will hear, Bill is a fascinating guest and offers great wisdom on HVAC. Measurement practices. Bill is a skilled podcaster and shares some of his best practices. The Building Science HVAC Podcast is worth checking out, so please do so.