ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast Episode 322

On this episode of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Controls Podcast, Ken and I discuss the amazing demonstration of what is possible in Smart Building Controls today and in the future. There has been lot’s of discussions about what can be accomplished when Smart Buildings maximize the integration of HVAC, IOT, Lighting, Access and Security, Tenant services, and business systems, until Friday, ken and I had never witnessed a fully funictional smart building integration that combined all of these systems. As you will hear on the show it was inspiring. Congratulations to Jones Lange Lasalle, Acuity Brands, Distech Controls and all the other players who made this happen.

Steve Shaw, from Sierra Monitoring joined us and gave us quite the education on networking routers and systems that connect smart buildings and smart building control systems.

Our other guest, Ken Sinclair, the owner of automated buildings, helped us do a deep dive and unpacking of all that we saw and learned at the REALComm/ IBcon show in Nashville. 

As you will hear, we have passed a significant tipping point in the evolution of Smart Buildings and Smart Building Controls.

How can you take advantage of this huge shift in the world of HVAC and Smart Building Controls?

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As as my teacher always said, “Nothing is Obvious to the Uninformed”